LEGO® is my favorite hobby. I'm a member of LUGNet (the LEGO Users Group Network), NALUG (the Northern Alberta LEGO® Users Group), CPLTC (Canadian Prairie LEGO Train Club) and the Guild of Bricksmiths(tm).  I even have my own "LEGO® store" called StRuCtures(tm).  It's part of BrickLink - a sort of LEGO® shopping mall.  

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So far I have been too busy to create the instructions for my latest kit, but when I do, photos and link to that page will be here as well.  I have built the prototype and gathered the pieces - just haven't had the time to make the instructions.


On the weekend of February 17th 2001, I led a NALUG "delegation" to Supertrain 2001 and we made the largest LEGO® train layout (almost 30' x 70') in Canada ever!  Click here to read my "report" to LUGNet.  Here is an on-line version of the FAQ flyer we handed out, and click here to see the photos (and mpegs) that James posted.

The main model I brought to the show wasn't a train, but a train bridge.  After the "kid's play area" it was the most important part of the show to me - it's also the primary impetus behind my BrickLink store and joining the Guild of Bricksmiths(tm).  Click the photos above for more details on my LEGO Arches and articulated container cars.  Please Email me at if you would like a custom LEGO bridge (or other StRuCture) created for you.

More recently I took my custom CP engine (with a 50% longer than normal train plate) and articulated train cars to GEmTS2002.  The other NALUG members are talented "building builders" as you can see from the town section.  I especially liked the shopping mall over the LRT station.  I took some shots, but Jason's photos are much more extensive, including close-ups of my engine (that my old camera can't do).

LEGO® trains are my practical second choice to LEGO® planes.  Modeling the varying curvature of an airplane doesn't suit "the LEGO® medium" very well - nevertheless, one of my favorite sets is the 8855 prop plane.  I was able to get the first (technically the second, as the first was auctioned on eBay) aircraft model from the Guild of Bricksmiths(tm) - a Corsair by Dan Siskind.  The LEGO® Ultimate Collector Series is by far my favorite though - detailed Star Wars LEGO® models!  An early model was of the Tantive IV - more commonly known as the Rebel Blockade Runner.  Compare this photo of the first ILM model ever seen (in the opening shot of Star Wars Episode IV) with this photo of TLC model.  Formerly at the top of my wanted list - the ship first seen pursuing it - an Imperial Star Destroyer.  The LEGO version of it is almost a meter long and contains over 3100 pieces.  Here's a photo I shot of my absolute favorite model, during my visit to Virginia.  For many years the largest (number of pieces) LEGO set was the Model Team semi tractor (1743pcs) until the UCS Star Destroyer (3104pcs) and then the UCS Death Star (3441pcs) became the largest - not surprising given how large the "real" items are.  For Star Wars 30th anniversary, the largest (and most expensive) LEGO set of all was just announced - the minifig scale Millennium Falcon (5195pcs) almost three feet long for a mere $500


   My gallery of LEGO® photos is here.



February 2007